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“Advance In Air Quality”

Welcome to GOSCON. At GosCon we are proud to be experts in the field of air pollution control. GOSCON has extensive experience in the design and application of air pollution control and industrial ventilation systems.  GOSCON was incorporated in 1999, and has since then grown in both technology and infrastructure. We are now unmatched in the ability to engineer and manufacture quality air pollution control (APC) systems. Total solutions for air filtration are found in thousands of GOSCON installations around the world.


GOSCON manufacture locally in South Africa to a standard only achievable by the strict implementation of effective quality control  procedures. This site will brief you with the scope of GOSCON and its vast array of products and technologies that comprise the substance behind our slogan: “Advance In Air Quality”.


We at GOSCON are geared to meeting all your Air Pollution Control needs – now and in the future.  





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Goscon’s wet scrubbers and collectors are available in several designs, shapes and sizes.  

The collection principles employed are centrifugal force, impaction, and impingement, either separately or in combination.




Cartridge collectors utilizing multiple cartridges made of pleated media in different configurations are among the most popular collector designs currently on the market.  They are highly effective on dry particulate.



One of the more universally applied air pollution control devices is the fabric collector, which removes particular matter from the gas stream through the filtration action of special fabric materials.  



Air Pollution Control

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Air Filtration

Air filters remove the light concentration of solids found in outside air and in general air supply systems used for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.



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Noise Pollution Control Filtration

Steam and gas blow down silencers



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Vacuum Systems


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